Monday, 27 August 2018

An initiative to promote Alipurduar Tourism in association with Jungle Trip Private Limited

The Initiative
Looking at the tourism potential of a small destination like Alipurduar in North Bengal, Jungle Trip Private Limited in collaboration with Alipurduar Tourism has taken an initiative to promote Alipurduar on the World Tourism Map with help of new age digital media.

The primary objective is to help increase the number of visitors to Alipurduar and bring it at par with other popular tourist destinations. With increased footfalls of international and domestic tourists, it will result into employment generation for home-stay owners and local community members of Alipurduar.

According to Debasish Das, Founder & Director of Jungle Trip Private Limited, the Company will apply its in-house branding and marketing strategy to promote and market Alipurduar and for wider reach, all promotions will be amalgamated with My Jungle Trip promotions.

Company shall be responsible for day-to-day operation, development of long term plans, promotion and marketing of tourism events, arranging staff within the organisation to ensure effective communication and support, development of publicity and information material, educating home-stay owners and developing their database and conducting professional development workshops for local tourism & hospitality operators in collaboration with Alipurduar Tourism.

Tamal Goswami, Director at Jungle Trip Private Limited, says that Alipurduar Tourism and Aforesaid Company will work together for a common goal and for that the Tourist Information Centre at Alipurduar will become a hub of Tourism activities so that all requirements are fulfilled at under one roof. He also added that, a Helpline number is given by which Guests  can get assistance for any quiry, support and complain.

Alipurduar Tourism Helpline:  +91 3564257527, +91 8597685263


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