Wednesday, 13 June 2018

New Destination in North Bengal

West Bengal has slowly been building up her wares in terms of tourist facilities that will enable more and more tourists to explore this land, and Saraswatipur Tea Resort seems a worthy addition.

The North Bengal region is possibly the richest the state has to offer in terms of natural beauty and tourist attractions. The humble tea bush encapsulates the feel of the region, a slice of its rich history and last but not least, its importance to the state’s economy.
Generally when we talk about tea estates, the vision that comes to the mind is about a place with a fascinating landscape. It is amazing that in reality, some are situated in breathtaking locations surrounded by dense woods, babbling rivers and having a sizeable treasure of flora and fauna. 

Saraswatipur Tea Resort which is located inside the Baikunthapur Forest beside the Teesta River has a similar fairytale like setting.

Gajoldoba, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
Tea Resort
This resort is the first tea tourism related venture for Saraswatipur Tea & Industries Limited, which is owned by the Kalyani family.

The picturesque luxury tea resort is being set up within the perimeter of the over 100 year old Saraswatipur Tea Estate which was founded by Late Sitaram Kalyani.
The present owner Mr. Kishen Kalyani who is very upbeat about the project says that two new bungalows are being built adjacent to the existing century old bungalow. Expected to be completed by August, 2018, each of the bungalows will have 4 (four) Double-Bedrooms with facilities such as a Restaurant, Bar and Coffee Shop along with a Gymnasium, Game-Room, a well-stocked Library and a small Conference Room.
Although the combination is pretty impressive, what steals the show is that the resort will have facilities such as a fully organic kitchen garden with a wide range of seasonal vegetables and fruits to enable guests to pick seasonal vegetables and fruits of their choice and plan their menu independently. Possibly, it will be the only resort in West Bengal to adopt this visually delightful d├ęcor and this is where Saraswatipur Tea Resort scores top marks.
While guests can get a firsthand experience about tea manufacturing in the tea factory, the resort will have a tea boutique where they can blend and brew a cup of tea from a range of choicest grades of tea.

The Inspiration
Conceptualizing this resort has been an amazing journey driven by the inspiration from the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Smt. Mamata Banerjee’s proposed dream project Gajol Doba. We envisage crafting unforgettable experiences for our guests and offer seamless service alongside unique local experiences,” says Mr. Kishen Kalyani, MD of Saraswatipur Tea & Industries Limited.

Baikunthapur Forest, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal
Setting a new Benchmark
Saraswatipur Tea Resort will turn out better than our expectation,” says Mr. Kalyani.  “The combination of an amazing site and unique service offerings that we have learnt from 100 years of tea making experience should make for a timeless property. We hope to set a new benchmark for luxury tea tourism in West Bengal by creating a world-class resort that caters to the new breed of traveler being attracted to our country.”

Brand Communication & Campaign
Leading destination branding & online Travel agency which is handling a slew of tourism projects in the state and elsewhere will be carrying out extensive campaigns to promote and market the resort on all available platforms.

Revealing his vision, which is to make the most of Bengal’s natural bounties and uplift the region economically through the various scopes for tourism, Mr. Kalyani urges others to follow his footsteps and invest in the region.

Location: Saraswatipur Bagan, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal 734004, India

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