Sunday, 20 May 2018

Unraveling the Communication Key to Branding is a full-fledged branding and communication agency under My Jungle Trip. ‘marka’ is a Greek word which stands for ‘Brand’ and as such, the agency is a branding specialist engaged in developing innovative elements of brand communication. Having a rich domestic and international exposure in the tourism industry, Marka Work is steadily making commendable inroads into a variety of domains directly or indirectly connected with the industry. has plans to promote and brand small destinations of East and Northeast India and get them highlighted on the global map. The endeavour will be to cover every aspect of the destination that needs attention. The overall objective is to empower both the destination and the community living there.
Truly speaking, at the end of the day the success of destination branding should benefit the people for it is they who have been the guardians of that place.

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Location: Siliguri, West Bengal, India


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