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Famous Rocky Island of West Bengal

A beautiful home for Nature oriented Tourists and Adventurures in Samsing Hills. Five Tent type Cottages are under the Orange orchards which lie on the hilly slopes of Samsing hills parallel to the Murty River bed. A separate Kitchen for the Trekkers or  Campers. attached with Nature. Rock climbing possible. Tenting arrangements on request. One may enjoy Barbeque during night on the Murty River bank. Prehistoric Rock shelter is another attraction of the Adventure Camp. Free parking and self Cooking also available.

Island Adventure Camp

 The diverse prospect of tourism in India is what sets it apart when it comes to scrutinize the reviews about India from the best nature travelers of the world. It has amalgamated the true colors of Asia, and also a true glimpse of it which can be felt when you visit its north-eastern states. Amongst the so-called seven sisters that unite the matchless beauty of seven north-eastern states of India, there is one adorable unofficial brother that can not be in oblivion- North Bengal. It’s the model of Eco-Tourism West Bengal in its real perspective, when it comes to strictly consider the environmental facets of eco-tourism sites in the world. The offbeat places of rocky island north bengal, that are seldom decorated in the colorful books that describes the unavoidable tourism destinations of West Bengal, have primarily now set up as the true model of Social-eco tourism sites of Bengal.

Island Adventure Camp

Samsing is one such destination that has been upcoming as the replicable tourism site, strictly run with the peaceful collaboration of Forest department and the community forest villagers. However, the collaboration is not just restricted to Public model but it also has taken up the model of both the Public-private partnership and the private ownership. There are many spots in Samsing that again leaves the travelers with their multiple choices about their preferred destination. So with this perspective if we look at the renewed site of Samsing- rocky island, it takes away the badges of all the categories of tourism that either includes the high potentiality of agro-tourism in India.

rocky island north bengal

The lusciousness of Rocky Island:

The destination shares the best features of Samsing that no other spot in Samsing can deliver to its fullest. The glimpses of green carpeted tea gardens, passing through the window of your car, with the heralding rain of flashing grass yellow butterflies will tempt you with more curiosity about the place while you’ll be approaching the destination through Samsing. It’s an isolated destination so you have to take a right turn before you take the route to Suntalekhola or fari village. The difference in the perspective will then axiomatically reveal the place’s beauty. If people ask for oranges once they reach Suntalekhola, then there is none other place than rock island state park, so they come back and take a left turn to cross themselves through the bushy trees laden with sweet orange mandarins. The houses beside the roads will seem like beautiful flower vases blooming with their glittering colors and hypnotizing aroma. The music of the clear water kissing on the uneven rocks and terrains will give you the sign that you’re nearing to this picturesque destination. The beauty of Moorti River in its young and dashing stage is what makes the place adorable with the sight of orange laden tree on its bank creating a valley for X-mas trees decorated with glowing lights. The hilly landscapes with terrace fields will remind you of your childhood days when you made sand hillocks with terracing surface. The huge black stones are another mesmerizing sight that again seems like nature saving her marbles in a place. The nights can be spent strolling on the bank of river where you can see the reflection of moon on the water dazzling with its white streams. The flashy playfulness of Parris peacock butterflies paddling on the small streams can be the best captured shot for the nature photographers.

rocky island north bengal

Adventurous richness about Rocky island ( Samsing) :

Unlike other spots of Samsing Rocky island can be the best adventurous honeymoon destination amongst other offbeat places of islands of west bengal. Fishing Katla in rapid white streams of the river, trekking to Neora valley national park, river –crossing, rock climbing or a jeep safari towards Jholung, Bindu and Neora are the unavoidable options for the nature lovers. The place has beautiful home stays that’ll again turn your traveling expense into a social contribution towards nature.

rocky island

Agro-tourism prospects of Rocky Island ( Samsing) :
As the valley is blessed with the fertile soil deposited by the river, the place has huge potential in agriculture. The size of oranges, vegetables that purely gown under the conditions of natural farming is another additional aspect that’ll leave you with no comments about your stay in North Bengal.



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